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Door of the desert

Ouarzazate region was in the past, the starting point of the oasis routes and the 1000 Kasbah route. It was the commercial and cultural meetings’ hub between the people of the high Atlas and sub-Saharan tribes.

Amazigh are the first known inhabitants of this land. The region also accommodates Africans, Jews, Arabs, and Europeans after the French occupation in the 30s of 20 century. The fusion of the different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds gives Ouarzazate its unique vibe.

Known by the Moroccan and Maghrebian Hollywood. Its breathtaking natural landscapes and luxurious Kasbah have been the backdrop of many films, such as “Lawrence of Arabia”, “A tea in the Sahara”, “Gladiator”, “Game of Thrones”, and many more.

Film-makers choose to film their pictures here, not only because of it’s desert landscapes, studios, Kasbah and Ksour, the qualified film technicians, but also the quality of light is what brings them here. The sunlight is so radiant and dazzling in Ouarzazate, which encouraged the government to invest in building a solar plant. One of the biggest in the world to produce clean energy. The solar power station is called Noor, meaning Illumination.

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