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Mezguita Oasis

65 Km south of Ouarzazate, after the Zig zag road, appears the most predominant feature of Agdz Jebel Kissane. Agdz is a small town with some restaurants a pharmacy, shops, and a dates market. After crossing the south bridge you’ll be driving along a very beautiful route, accompanied by the Draa valley until you reach Zagora city.

Mezguita oasis

Mezguita oasis is the first oasis of six major stretches oases of palm groves on the Upper Draa valley. The administrative district holds the same name. The main income of the area is agriculture, especially dates and Tourism.


Tamnougalte or the meeting point, it is the main Kasbah in Agdz. It is was the former capital of the Mezguita oasis, house of the Caid. Glaoua family wore becoming more and more powerful, controlling lands from Teloute till Taourirt in Ouarzazate, but they wanted more, more of Draa valley. Hammou Galoui, the military leader of the family was pushing Oulad Yahia against The Mezguita, until he was ready to march himself with an army of 5000 men and cannon. Tamnougalte was under siege for 17 days. Finally they raise the white flag.

Agdz Hotels

It’s not hard to find good accommodation in Agdz. Many gust houses and raids offer bed and breakfast. Many of the houses are located on the edge of Mzguita oasis with beautiful views in Kasbah style.

Agdz Kasbah Caid