Cinema Museum

Ouarzazate’s film museum

Opened in 2007, the cinema museum occupies a space that was once a studio built by an Italian film production company in 1981. The museum showcases a collection of vintage film sets, props, and cinematic equipment.
Situated across from Taourirt Kasbah, it provides a convenient alternative for those unable to visit the Atlas Studios, which are located outside the city.

What to do in the Musuem

The museum consists of four main buildings. The first building houses the throne hall, a small jail, and other rooms waiting to be discovered during your visit. Moving forward, you’ll traverse a hallway adorned with posters of the most famous films shot in Ouarzazate, marking the entrance to the second building featuring another throne hall. Following this, you’ll pass through the torture room, accompanied by the adjacent jinn court.

Exiting the jinn court, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the Asia Pharaonic room, adorned with pictures of Hollywood stars who have worked in Ouarzazate. Subsequently, you’ll enter the technical building, showcasing old equipment and cameras used during that era. The visit concludes by passing alongside cinematic boats used for filming in Lake Ouarzazate.

  • Price

    Adulte: 80 MDH
    Child: 40 MDH

  • Schedule

    Monday to Saturday: 10 am-5 pm
    Closed on Sunday

  • Visit duration

    1h to 1:30h

  • Contact

    +212 5 24 89 03 46

  • Location

    Taourirte Kasbah, Bv Mohamed V


How to get to the Museum

The museum is situated opposite Kasbah Taourirt. Taxis are readily available and can take you there from anywhere in Ouarzazate for just 5 DH. If you’re arriving from the Tarmigte side, consider taking a Grand Taxi for 4 DH to the city center, and then switch to a Petit Taxi for 5 DH. Alternatively, you can opt for bus line N 4, which costs 4 DH.

Ouarzazate is a small city, so feel free to explore the museum on foot or stroll back to your accommodation.

Visit Taourirt Kasbah

Once you’ve completed your visit to the museum, simply walk across the street to encounter the iconic Taourirt KasbahTaourirt Kasbah, the symbol of Ouarzazate. This kasbah served as the residence of Quaid Glaoui Thami and is a must-see.

Taourirt Kasbah

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