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The hidden oasis of Ouarzazte

The name Fint in Tamazight means “Hidden”. Why? After driving for a while on a dirt road, it gets difficult to imagine that any oasis will be on the horizon. In fact, Fint is under the horizon. At km 10, you start driving down on a zigzag track, then you see it. Glorious date palms oasis hidden between the hills.

Fint Oasis

What to do in Fint

In early hours while children are running to the primary school. Women are making bread in the outdoor ovens, while others are washing clothes in the river. Some men are going to work the gardens, while others are traveling to Ouarzazate on motorcycles.

Fint is a great place to take a break. You can have lunch in the small guest houses, or eat your picnic under the shade of a palm tree. If you like nature, hiking, and village life, Fint is a must-visit spot.

We believe that the main activates to do in Fint are:

  • Promenade inside the oasis.

  • Hiking from down the river to the upper side.

  • Spend one night with local family, and taste the Amazigh village life.

How to get to Fint

Fint Oasis is at 12 km south of Ouarzazate, however, the rough dirt road will make the short drive take around 45 minutes in a desert landscape.

By car

The road from Ouarzazate is unpaved and quite rocky. The Tarmac road changes to a small rocky track. If you drive carefully and slowly, a small car will get you there. Four-wheelers are best to drive there, they can be easily found in Ouarzazate.

By Taxi

You should take a Grand taxi from Ouarzazate, you can find them near the Bus station, and near Place Al-Mouahidine. When you arrive, the taxi driver will wait for you until you are head back ready to go back to the city.

Daily Trip

There is a lot of travel agencies in Ouarzazate who can offer you a daily trip to Fint. Driving there by SUV, with a professional driver, meals included. You can also ask for visits to other spots on the same trip.

Riding Quad Bike

Another way to get a quick visit to the oasis is by quad bike. Almost every hiring quad bike is offering a daily trip to Fint. You will be accompanied by a local rider, take you through dirt roads from Hey Tammasint, (where most of the shops are located), to Fint and back. You will be riding by the river of Ouarzazate to the desert landscape. Going to Fint by quad is a great way to have fun and discovering a hidden oasis of Ouarzazate.

Fint Oasis

Overnight stop or a day trip?

While most travelers visit Fint Oasis for one day-trip, it would likewise be beneficial to go spent a night. One great way to see the real-life of villagers is to check for a stay with a family, which is quite cheaper as well. Moroccans are known by their incredible hospitality, and even more in villages.

Fint Oasis

Oasis under the snow

In 2018, during a rarely occasion, snow has falling in Ouarzazate. Check those photos of Fint covered with white by Abdellah Azizi

The way back

On the way back, as you arrive at the main road, take the left, and drive to the +300-year-old Kasbah of Tifoultout. Extraordinary panoramic views of Ouarzazate River, the city and the Atlas Mountains are visible from the rooftop. You can then continue your trip to the Ouarzazate, or stop by the film studios.

Did you know that some of the sequences of the movie The Way Back, wore shot at the same set as Kundun in Atlas studio?

Kasbah of Tifoultoute