Where to stay in ouarzazate?

Hotels, Guest house, or Riad

Ouarzazate is one of the main touristic destinations in Morocco. And the gateway to Merzouga and Mhamid sand dunes deserts. Therefore Ouarzazate offers to its visitors more than 200 Beds, in Hotels, Guesthouses, and Kasbahs.

What type of Hotels are in Ouarzazate?

Due to the size of the city,  and the traditional characteristics of the region, you can find 5 type of accommodation in Ouarzazate:

  • Hotel

  • Guest house

  • Kasbah

  • Flats

  • Homestay

Kasbah Dar Daif Ouarzazate


One of the first hotels build in Ouarzazate is Club Méditerranée 1967, for the older Ouarzazai generation this was the golden time. Since then a lot of hotels wore build among them the famous Berber Palace previously known as le Meridien, the only 5 starts hotel in Ouarzazate. After the 2008 crises, some hotels wore closed until now among them Belere. Today Ouarzazate offers a variety of hotels, but nothing like big hotel clubs like in Marrakech or Agadir.

Guest houses

In the last two decades, a new kind of accommodation starts to grow in the region, the guest houses. This style of housing tourists was well fitted with the style of the region. The tourist likes it because it’s different than a standard hotel. And because most gust houses have about 4 to 8 rooms, tourists have warmer, closer relations to the host.


After crossing Tizi-n-Tichka, you start to notice the Kasbahs, the architectural feature of the south-east of Morocco. Kasbah and Ksour are what the Amazigh of this region used and still live in. They are as the castle of the family, big family. Unfortunately, most of the Kasbahs are abounded for a small houses build around them. Lately young enthusiastic start to restore their Kasbah into house guests. This accommodation is very appreciated by the visitors and guests, as each Kasbah has a unique structure of its own.


The Riad is an old style of building a house with an interior garden. Riads are mainly are in old Medinas. However, Riad and Madina can only be found in north of Morocco. The equivalent of those buildings in the south-east are Kasbah and Ksar, therefore there are no authentic Riads in Ouarzazate or in the region.


Due to the lower price, and style of them, hostels are famous among young travellers. In Ouarzazate, there are no hostels, but they’re a lot of cheap good hotels in the centre of the city.


Homestay can be a very cheap accommodation alternative, and in Ouarzazate, a lot of people are offering some rooms in Airbnb or Booking.com. Stay with an Ouarzazi family can be a very nice experience. A lot of travellers love it because experience the real Moroccan life.

Renting Appartments

Some tourists chose to rent an entire apartment. Because the price of renting a flat is per night, this could also be a cheap option. You can find plenty of buildings that are dedicated to daily renting. Most of the residencies have the same approach to maintaining their flats and facilities as hotels.

Hotel Oscar Ouarzaztae

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