What to do in Ouarzazate?

Marrakech might pulsate with frenetic energy, but Ouarzazate hums to a different tune. Here, nestled amidst the sun-drenched foothills of the High Atlas Mountains, time loses its urgency, surrendering to a gentle, unhurried pace. It’s a place to shed the city skin and breathe deeply, a haven for weary souls seeking respite and rejuvenation.
When in Ouarzazate, leave your hurry at the city borders and let the gentle rhythm of this sun-drenched haven wash over you. Breathe deeply, reconnect with yourself, and discover the magic that unfolds when you finally learn to take a break and simply… be.

Out door activites

Hiking trips

Long Walk

Désert et Montagne Maroc

horse riding

Horse riding

Atlasup Creative
06 26 27 62 88

Kayaking in Ouarzazate lake

Kayaking in Ouarzazate lake

Dar Daif, Ouarzaate
05 24 85 49 49

Quad motorcycle

Quad and ATV

Quad Evenement Ouarzazate
05 24 88 63 42

Desert excursions

Désert et Montagne Maroc
05 24 85 49 49

Desert Chgaga

Shopping in weekly Souks

Ouarzazate: Sunday
Tarmigte: Saturday
Skoura: Monday
Kella M’gouna: Wednesday
Boumalne Dadès: Wednesday
Tineghir: Saturday
Agdz: Thursday
N’kob: Sunday
Tamgrout: Saturday
Taznakht: Friday
Foum Zguid: Saturday
Hamid: Monday

Agdz Souk
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