Spice Of The Desert

Cumin, with its warm, earthy aroma and slightly bitter taste, is an essential spice in Moroccan cuisine. But in the southeastern corner of the country, cumin takes on a special significance. Here, in the sun-drenched plains and rugged mountains that fringe the Sahara Desert.

The cumin of this region, known as “Cumin Bedli (Native)” is prized for its intense flavor and unique aroma. Grown in the fertile oasis around Ouarzazate region. Cumin Beldi thrives in the hot, dry climate. The plants are small and hardy, with delicate purple flowers that give way to clusters of tiny, golden seeds.

These seeds are the heart of cumin’s appeal. Harvested by hand and dried in the sun, they are then ground into a fine powder that is used to season everything from tagines and stews to grilled meats and vegetables. Cumin adds a deep, complex flavor to food, and its earthy notes are a perfect complement to the sweetness of Moroccan dates and almonds.

Beyond The Cumin

The rise of tourism in recent years has only increased the demand for Moroccan spices including cumin du desert. Visitors from all over the world are eager to experience the authentic flavors of Morocco, and cumin is a key ingredient in many traditional dishes. As a result, cumin farming has become an important source of income for many families in Ouarzazte region.

However, the changing climate and the increasing demand for cumin pose challenges for desert farmers. Water scarcity is a major concern, and soil erosion is also a threat. To ensure the future of cumin du desert, farmers are working with scientists and NGOs to develop new sustainable farming practices.

Despite the challenges, cumin du desert remains a vital part of the cultural and economic landscape of southeastern Morocco. Its unique flavor and aroma are a taste of the desert, and its story is one of resilience and tradition. So, next time you enjoy a Moroccan dish flavored with cumin, remember the sun-drenched plains and rugged mountains of the Sahara, and the people who have cultivated this precious spice for generations.

Cumin bedli

Where to buy Cumin Beldi

All of the herb shops in Ouarzazate sell cumin, among many other herbs and spices, such as saffron. You can easily find one of the shops in Al-Mouahidine square or inside the central market. Make sure to ask for Cumin Beldi, freshly ground, as the shops also sell imported varieties of cumin.

dry Cumin bedli
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