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The water of the Draa is utilized for irrigating palm groves, oases, and small farms along the river. The inhabitants of the Draa are called Drawa. Outside of the Draa region, this name is primarily used to refer to the dark-skinned people of the Draa, who constitute the largest portion of its population.

Approximately 225,000 people reside in the Draa Valley. The valley corresponds to the province of Zagora, encompassing 23 villages and two towns—Zagora and Agdz. The renowned Zawiya Naciria is also situated near the Draa in the village of Tamegroute.

The village of Tamegroute is famous for being one of the largest Zaouias in Morocco, Zaouia Nacira, and is also known for its distinctive green pottery.


The making of Tamegroute pottery

The Upper Draa River valley, stretching about 200 kilometers, consists of six major oasis stretches with palm groves.


New York Times

In Search of Ancient Morocco

THE SHAMROCK GREEN of Casablanca graded into a flat plain of beige. From the tarmac itself, I could see the beige run into a towering wall of white — the Atlas Mountains. Edith Wharton, in her 1920 travelogue, “In Morocco,” had felt herself fall under the spell of the Atlas and the desert beyond as well. “Unknown Africa,” she writes, “seems much nearer to Morocco than to the white towns of Tunis and the smiling oases of South Algeria. One feels the nearness of Marrakech at Fez, and at Marrakech that of Timbuctoo.” … Read more

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