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The pink valley of Kalaat M’Gouna

Unlike North the High Atlas Mountains, the south is a predominately dry, with a few greeneries along the various valleys of the region. The valley of Roses or so-called Roses valley is one of them.
Mgoun River is the life source of the valley, its banks are embellished in pink, especially during the harvesting of the Damask rose. The origin of the rose itself is still unknown, but the most popular story is pilgrims brought it from Mecca. The rose today is not only the symbol of this region but also the main source of income for many families. Small cooperative around the region produces Rosewater and other cosmetics rose-based products.

Kallat Mgouna

El Kalaa, is the business center of Roses valley, here you can find, coffees, banks, administrative services, and several Rose based products shops. While in town, you can also squeeze few hours to buy some gifts for family and friends. Each year Kalaat Mgouna has been holding the Rose festival for more than 50 years.

Roses Festival

For more than 50 years; Kallat Mgouna has been holding the Moussem of the roses or so-called Roses festival. The festival takes place after the harvesting season, usually on the 1st week of May, but the date might change from year to year. It is an opportunity to celebrate the good harvesting, and to bring together different cooperatives to showcase and exchange their products.

What to do in Roses valley ?

If you are visiting during the harvesting season than hiking the pink gardens is a must. Otherwise, enjoying nature’s sights in the region is something to enjoy by yourself or with friends and family. Shopping for Roses’ based products is an activity that attracts many people to come to visit, you can purchase good quality bioproducts at a reasonable price. Taking some time to fit in a visit to a cooperation’s factory, can be quite educational because you can witness the full experience of Roses’ essence extraction.

How to get it to Roses valley

It takes 1h30 min to get from Ouarzazate to Kallat Mgouna driving 100km on the national route N10.
The route is well paved, and it’s an easy drive. If you are planning to spend the night in the valley; you can also take a break and pay a visit Skoura oasis on the way.
You can share a Grand Taxi to Kallat Mgouna. Several Taxis departure every day from the Ouarzazate’s bus station.
Every day several buses take route N10 and stop by Kallat Mgouna. You can check Ouarzazate’s bus station or CTM bus station. The bus ride might take longer than Grand Taxis.

Hotels in Roses Valley

There is a wide range of choices and prices when it comes to Hotels and Guest Houses. Most of the Guest Houses are restored Kasbahs.

Woman collecting roses - Roses valley, Morocco

Take pictures

Taking pictures of women in the fields out of the blue, might not be a good idea. Locals especially women dislike being photographed by strangers. However, if you can arrange to have someone to introduce you and ask permission; they might agree. The best way to do that is by visiting a local cooperative, and ask if it’s possible to take photos of their fields and harvesting. People will be happy to help. Also, be aware that harvesting roses only happen in the early mornings.

Woman collecting roses - Roses valley, Morocco