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The Kasbah of 50DH bill

Unlike many Kasbahs, Amridil till today is a will minted, still managed by the grand-children of the original builder MHAMED NACIRI EL HASKOURI. Son of Ahmed Bennacer the founder of Zaouia Naciria in Tamgroute. The Kasbah was built in the 17th century as an Islamic school, know in Morocco as Zaouia to teach Koran. Today Amridil is a must-see landmark in Ouarzazate. You’ll find a guide who can walk you through the history of the Kasbah, and show many old tools used in traditional daily life.
If you are traveling to Merzouga desert, it’s great to stopover for a quick stop to visit of the Kasbah. However, if you are planning to spend the day enjoying Skoura oasis, there is plenty of places to visit, walking, or even by riding horses.

How to get to Amridil

At 38 Km, from Ouarzazate, national route N10, You’ll see the sing of Amridil Kasbah, turn left, and drive for 1 km until you reach a dry river, the Kasbah is on the other side.  You can share a Grand Taxi for 15 DH/set or a Bus traveling to Tinghir for 10 Dh.

Where to Sleep

Skoura has many gust houses and Kasbahs inside the oasis. However, there is also a guesthouse inside Amredil itself. Make sure to ask the driver to drop you at Amridil.

  • Schedule

    Everyday: 9 am – 7 pm

  • Visit duration

    45 minutes to 1 h

  • Contact


  • Location

    38 Km from Ouarzazate, Skoura

Due to its significant history, Amridil was featured in the old 50 dirhams bill.

Skoura oasis

Kasbah Amridil is located on the river Ouad Elhejjaj at the edge of the Skoura oasis. Therefore the Kasbah has a beautiful view on the green palms trees dominated by the high Atlas.

Oasis Skoura