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Skoura is one of Morocco’s lovely oases, offering weary explorers a chance to pause in its cool embrace. Driving along route N10 won’t do justice to Skoura; you truly need to pull over and walk into it. The oasis is so vast that getting lost inside is a possibility, but worry not, as it’s also inhabited by some of the nicest people who are always willing to help. Hiring a guide is a good idea; they can explain the intricate agricultural system of the oasis, guide you through its hidden corners, and provide insights into the underground Khaterat.

Visitors come to Skoura not only to explore the seventeenth-century Amridil Kasbah, Ben Abou Kasbahs, or other famous kasbahs inside the oasis but also to relish the cozy ambiance within. Whether enjoying a picnic under a palm tree or participating in a guided horseback tour, Skoura offers a delightful escape. You can also unwind near your hotel pool.

Souk of Skoura

Skoura’s weekly market takes place every Monday, attracting people from villages far and wide for shopping. The market retains its traditional vibe, offering not only fresh vegetables, fruits, and meat but also a variety of unique products. You might discover local items not found in Ouarzazate souks.

Agdz Souk

Skoura Hotels

Skoura is a prime attraction in Ouarzazate, prompting many tourists to spend the night. The oasis’s inhabitants have established numerous hotels, yet most accommodations are in lodges, guest houses, and kasbahs. Finding a place to stay isn’t challenging, but choosing from the array of beautiful options can be a delightful dilemma for travelers. Consider factors like the ambiance, amenities, and proximity to attractions when making your accommodation decision.

Kasbah Skoura Oasis
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