Atlas Film Studios

Ouarzazate’s famous studios

If you are a fan of moving pictures, then Atlas Film Studio is a must to visit place in Ouarzazate. Some of the big blockbusters have been filmed here. A guided tour is offered. The studio holds different sets, some indoor others out. And it’s always changing for new projects. The studio is still operational, so sometimes you might cross film crews on location.

Visiting Atlas Studio is a great opportunity to make some extraordinary back in time photographs.

  • Price

    80 MDH

  • Schedule

    Everyday: 10 am-6 pm

  • Visit duration

    1h to 1:30h

  • Contact


  • Location

    3 km west Ouarzazate.
    Road N9, Marrakesh Direction

Morocco film set

Atlas studio is often used as a base camp for film productions, filming is usually done out in the open. Some productions have even built sets out in the desert, such as Roman Palaces, and even the Makah.

Atlas is the most famous film studio in Ouarzazate. However, there are other studios, such as Fint Studio and CLA Studio. Even the Film Museum is occasionally used for shooting movies and TV shows.

Game of thrones

Ouarzazate boasts an impressive cinematic history, having been featured in a multitude of blockbusters such as “Lawrence of Arabia,” “Gladiator,” “Babel,” “The Passion of the Christ,” “Kingdom of Heaven,” and “Prince of Persia.” Nevertheless, its most celebrated contemporary association lies with “Game of Thrones,” a title that echoes strongly. The producer of GOT chooses Ouarzazate for it’s studios and landscapes to film scenes of the Targaryen house.

How to get to Atlas Studios

The studio is situated just outside the city. If you are arriving from Marrakech, it is the second building on your left; the first one is CLA Studio. A Petite Taxi can take you to the studio for 10 DH. Bus N1 is also an option, but you’ll need to walk a few hundred meters before reaching the main gate.

Atlas Film Studio Hotel

Within the studio premises, you’ll discover the Oscar Hotel. Recently refurbished, the hotel is adorned with film-themed decorations. Additionally, various hotels and guest houses are available in and around the city.

Hotel Oscar Ouarzaztae
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